Wednesday, August 24, 2011

So far, so good...

Shelby now has three full school days under her belt. She tends to be getting tired in the afternoon but is trudging through it and will hopefully adjust. I can say this, bedtime has been a BREEZE! Normally she comes out of her room at least a dozen times to ask for a drink, to go potty, to get a dog to come lay with her, and so on. The past three nights have been a dream! Goodnight Shelby I love you, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. LOL
     So, have I been enjoying my time off? Well, Monday yes was nice and relaxing. Tuesday my middle child had a dentist apt. Run to town, do the apt, get him back to school, then curriculum night, yay! Today had to take Shelby to the Pediatric Ophthalmologist 45 minutes away, 2 hr long apt(which went well btw, no changes), then back for my oldest daughter's curriculum night. My husband asked if I had a day where something didn't need to be done and I had to look at my calendar. I'm happy to report Thursday and Friday look good. We'll see! All three are liking their teachers and liking school, I'm counting my blessings, now ask me again once homework really kicks in!
     A few things I've noticed without the kids here. When I clean something it stays clean, I mean, who knew?! I have a mini panic attack when I can't find Shelby only to remember she's at school. And there are not NEARLY as many funny things happening now that Shelby is gone for a good portion of the day. So now, I think I will find new and creative ways to torture my husband for my own personal amusement, he works second shift ;) So, ideas on how to do that?! *insert evil laugh here* This is what he gets for not reading my blog. And don't any of you that know him give him a heads up either! That'll learn him! Tehehehehehehehe!

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