Wednesday, August 17, 2011

OK, why does it smell good in here?!

Now, typically a room smelling good would not be a bad thing right? Well, if you have a "typical" kind of house it may just be a good thing. Here however, not so much. Now unless I have my spray bottle in my hand while I clean or I just dropped some Scentsy cubes in my warmer I'm inclined to have a mini panic attack at any overwhelming scent. So a note to future visitors, if you like to wear strong perfume or randomly spray stuff to see what it smells like, give this mom a heads up k? lol
     So, back to why good smell = bad. A strong scent usually indicates Miss Shelby has gotten into something. I cannot tell you how many bottles of cleaner I've been through. I'll be cleaning, turn my back, grab another cleaner and forget the one currently being left unattended and next thing I know...*sniff...sniff, sniff, sniff* "Shelby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Do NOT worry, these are non toxic and environmentally friendly cleaners. *informercial voice* "I'm not only a customer I'm also an advertising rep!" No, seriously I am! So it's only costing me money to have Shelby "help" it is not a call to poison control! lol Anyhooo THAT is the cleaner scenario.
     Then we have the mystery smells. The "mmmmmmm I love the smell of hubby's deodorant, wait a minute...SHELBY!!!!!!!!!!!!" Or "mmmmmmmmm my perfume smells good, can't believe I can still smell it that....SHELBY!!!!!!!!!!!" Or "That clean fresh powder scent is ni.......gosh darnit SHELBY!!!!!!!!!!!".  At this point you are probably thinking, put your stuff up woman! Well I would if...1) I didn't have the memory of a mom and forgetting my name half the time. 2) Everyone else didn't have the memory of a fly. 3) I wasn't constantly distracted when I have stuff out by a ringing phone, screaming child, or a grown man child needing assistance finding his stuff. And finally 4) The fact that even though you "think" you've found a Shelby proof spot, eventually she proves to you just how silly that idea was.

So I leave you with pictures from an incident a few weeks ago, she sure had fun! I knew something was wrong when I smelled it, I confirmed it as I turned the corner and saw this...
Who? Me?

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Annnnnnnnnnnd Good night folks!

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