Monday, August 8, 2011

Pay no attention...

Shelby has no problems being naked. However up until this point she really has kept it to trying to keep from getting dressed after a bath. Today however she decided that after she went to the bathroom this was the time to  go sans clothes. We were sitting outside when she went in to go potty. She came back out naked. After attempts to get her to go back inside on her own failed I tried to get a hold of her and escort her back inside. She took this as the opportunity to go streaking through the yard. Try keeping a straight face as you are chasing a naked child through your yard. Yeah, it's not so easy. Finally I can't remember what I threatened to take away but whatever it was got her inside but she was now contained. Perfect timing, let's take a bath and get your jammies on girly. Practice for spring break college edition is OVER! lol I then proceed to throw the naked minion over my shoulder, up the stairs, and straight into the bath! Score one for mom! Let us hope this was a rare occurrence and she doesn't discover the joy of being nude.

I'll keep it short tonight with a conversation I had with my oldest(9yrs old) earlier today...

Me: Grace, would you like to get your hair cut short?

Grace: Why?

Me: Because you don't like to brush it and scream when I do it.

Grace: Sure, if I get cancer it will grow back eventually!

Me: *insert confused wtf look here* Uh...............

Yeah I couldn't think of what to say after that. Grace is interesting because you honestly never know what will pop out of her mouth. The child remembers EVERYTHING! Any conversation, any event, something she saw on tv and these random memories pop out when you least expect them and confuse the tar out of you. I suspect this was what led to this gem of a conversation. Oy, kids!

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