Tuesday, August 16, 2011

iPad, oh how I love thee...let me count the ways.

1) From the first time we borrowed you from a friend we had tears in our eyes. Seeing our 5yr old, developmentally delayed child, complete her first 7 piece puzzle we were hooked. We stopped just shy of robbing a bank to get one ;)

2)Shelby has been able to show us that she has absorbed a lot more than what we thought. Through apps like "Spot the Dot" by Ruckus Media she has shown she knows several colors and can even find them in a "busy" background. "Shape Puzzle HD" has shown us our little girl LOVES puzzles! "My Play Home" by Shimon Young, has allowed her to explore a house and what all you can do in it without making an actual mess of mine! lol She can run as much water as she wants, "cook" things on the stove, and open and close curtains without pulling them down! And all I have to do to clean her "house" is push a button, where can I get one of those, hmmmmmmm? There are sooo many more that I love so I'll just show a pic of our faves! I've got stuff to do and this Signing Time episode is only so long!

4)When in doctor offices, restaurants, grocery stores, or anywhere a child is expected to be quiet and sit still the iPad is a parent's dream come true!

5)While Shelby is verbal the iPad gets her talking about things and showing you all the cool stuff it does. I can only imagine how this device opens up a world for a non-verbal child!

6)The iPad has given me something to be passionate about. I want to see the special needs world explode with the iPad. Speech therapists, teachers, special ed classrooms, doctors, therapists, insurance companies everyone should know what this amazing product is capable of and what a life changer it truly is.

7)The iPad allows Shelby to accomplish things she normally hasn't been able to do and to see the smile on her face when she completes something is worth so much more than words can say!

And NO I did not get paid or asked to mention any of the apps and developers listed.

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