Sunday, January 8, 2012

Let my nut out...oops!

So I'm sorry I know I haven't been on here in ages. I suck as a blogger. In my defense I was pretty much sick from a week before Thanksgiving until right before Christmas. At some point labs indicated I had mono(don't know when), a large infection, and strep throat. I. Was. A. Mess. During all that I was also starting Topamax for my awesome chronic migraines, so if I miss-spell words or totally just leave them out now, you know why. It makes you stupid. BUT my head doesn't hurt. Yay me! So enough whining. On to the fun stuff........

So tonight I let my nut out in a big way. Meaning, have you ever had a moment where you suddenly realize you are batshit crazy? Like really, you are just, wow. Really? I'm THAT bad? I'm not that bad am I? No, yep, I'm THAT bad. So exhibit A. My friend, I'll call her "Smerin" to protect her identity ;-) posted a picture of a vinyl tree she had put on her wall over a book case. A very cute tree. Here is said tree.

Now, knowing her as well as I do, I didn't say, "Oh so pretty, I love it!" I said, "Do me a favor...see what it looks like when you center tree trunk with the center of the bookcase? Then snap a pic and let me see it!" Wow, um, typing that out I sound neurotic as hell! So basically, I stare at this picture, willing the bookcase to move with shear mind power. My heart is racing, I begin to fidget with my hands. "Smerin" says she can't move the tree. I said, don't move the tree move the book case. Center the bookcase. Move it. Please! Because the please made the fact I was letting my nut show, ok! :) So, at this point I'm basically hyperventilating and all of my friends and all of "Smerin's" friends are thinking WHO is this woman and why does she care? This isn't HER tree or her house! Good point and I have NO FRIGGIN' IDEA! I'm sure Dr. Phil does. I would probably make Dr. Phil cry like a girl. He wouldn't know WHAT to do with the hot mess that is me but anyways I'm rambling. Ah yes, back to "Smerin". Anyway,  I had just booked my ticket to "Smvirginia" on Priceline to move it myself when "Smerin" announces she moved the bookcase but doesn't like it centered. The other way is more, how did she put it? Oh yes, "whimsical". Whimsical, WHIMSICAL?! I mean, really, what, no, surely not, I mean, what? "Did you take a picture?!!" I asked, calmly. And then she posted this heavenly site to be hold....

Almost immediately my heart slowed, my breathing returned to normal, and all was right with the world again. Sure the marker on the top could be put with the rest of the markers on the bottom shelf, but the trunk was center with the shelf and even lined up with the candle thing. It was glorious. It wasn't whimsical, it was GLORIOUS! 

So it was after this and talking with some friends that I realized, wow, I have some issues. I don't really have things on my walls because I can never find the "perfect" place to put them. My bed is in the center of the wall it's on. My tv, is in the center of the wall it's on. I'm not crazy about everything. I wish I loved to keep everything spotless, I know there are others that would love that too. But darn it, when I let my nut show, I let it show in a BIG way. 

One of the biggest things that drives me crazy in my own home is this...

Do you see it? Think real hard...not the curtain...I took a panel down to measure it, I'm making new ones. But yes that is bugging me them not being "even" in the pic. The vent, you see it? Now you do. It is NOT center with the window! My question is WHO would put a window NOT center with a vent or a vent NOT center with a window? Crazy right?! When you close the curtains the vent should be centered between the two like a pretty centered masterpiece but NO. It's off center glaring at me like menacing gaping hole just teasing me with it's off centeredness. I have asked my husband how hard it would be to move the vent over and he looked at me like I grew three heads. I'm guessing it wouldn't be easy. This bugs me, every stinkin' day. 

So, whether you like things centered, whether you have to count things, whether you have to check to see if the stove is off before you can sleep at night, whatever it is that you do that lets your nut show. Know this, YOU are NOT, alone! 


I just noticed this...but I center the text in my blog!!!! *snort*