Monday, August 1, 2011

I have no clue what I'm doing...

This seems to be common in my life. I have no clue what I'm doing and yet, eventually, with a few curse words, some pain, and a new found appreciation for professionals, it gets done. I wanted to start a blog after joining up with a community called Apps For Children With Special Needs. Many of the people on their Facebook page have blogs. And I thought to myself, hey, I can do this! I was inspired to get our story out there and maybe help Gary James in his mission to get iPads into the hands of special needs children.

I am NOT an English major. I am a stay at home mom to three kids with about 6 weeks of community college education before I found out I was to be a mommy. Please do not expect perfect grammar, sentence structure, and if spell check doesn't catch it I won't either! My goal is to make you laugh, I might make you cry, and hopefully give make you say, "I have so been there!". If you like what I've said let me know, if you don't, well, follow the "if you don't have something nice to say, say nothing at all" rule our mamas hopefully taught us. Seriously nobody is MAKING you read this blog.

So, the name. Why "Stuck On Shelby"? Well for this you would need to know Shelby. She is 5yrs old with the mentality of a late 2yr old early 3yr old. She's not diagnosed at the moment so I can't answer any questions about that. We're on a journey to find out though. Anyhoo, Shelby is the type of child that can get dirty on her way OUT of the bathtub. I'm not kidding. Something is always stuck to this child, food, whatever substance that was left where she could get it, you name it she has probably had it stuck to her. I also chose that name because anyone that sees her picture or meets her immediately falls in love with her and they become stuck on her :)

So, to prevent this post from becoming crazy long I will promise to get to my two other lovely children and the man child later ;)

Here is my Miss Shelby...

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  1. Love it! Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging :D