Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The adventures of being barefoot...

     So you wouldn't think walking around barefoot inside your house could be an adventure but in my house it is. Oh is it ever! Walking around your foot hits something wet. First thought is it warm? Warm most likely means pee, is it pee from the dog, from a child, you just don't know. If it's cold it could still be pee but at least you can pretend it isn't. So, if it's cold the next question is what is the color? Will it stain? If it is colorless it could still be pee or it could be water, you can still pretend it's water. Clean it up, spray some cleaner but still pretend you didn't just step in pee(dang pound puppy). If you really want to know you can sniff it but really who WANTS to know.

     Now, let's move onto solids. I know what you're saying, please don't. But, I'm gonna, because after all WE are on an adventure! I personally would like to think the world of solids, or, semi-solids is much more interesting. Remember we are going off of how things FEEL, we leave the looking for after we've had a mini panic attack about what it is we think we just stepped in. So, if it's warm, really not much good can come out of this because we have a rescue puppy in the house, warm usually means you just stepped in a nice fresh pile of poo. Congratulations you did NOT win a prize. Is it squishy? Is it cold? Cold can be good, because cold usually is not poo. I like cold. Did it mash into the carpet or onto your foot? Did it crunch(please don't be something expensive)? Did one of the kids go ewwwww after seeing you step in it? Solids can be so many things but in this house it typically is of course poo or some sort of food substance. But you won't know until you stop clutching your chest and look down. Like just now, I stepped on something cold and squishy under my desk, it was a wedge of clementine(little orange).

But Virginia, why don't you just wear shoes? And what, risk not feeling that it is poo and spreading it from one end of the house to the other? Oh yes now THAT sounds like an adventure!

You too can play this game. Come over to my house before I've had a chance to do a floor check, take off your shoes, put your chin up and start walkin'! So who's first?! Seriously I thought I'd have a line outside my do/r! No?

So stuck on Shelby today were cherries from a bag I left too close to her in the shopping cart. She's so proud isn't she?!

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