Sunday, August 21, 2011

Back to school!

Shelby goes back to school tomorrow. Her first FULL day of school. She's done half days for the past two years but this is new. Same class, new teacher, new routine. Lots of old, lots of new. Shelby is my third child, my baby, my last. With the other two the first day of school was like an adventure to see what they'd learn, what they'd do next. There was no anxiety, no fear, no worry. Just happiness at seeing another milestone take place. It must be the baby thing. Now that Shelby is in school all day I have no more babies at home.
     You add that with the challenges Shelby faces and it just makes it harder. I've always been there for her. I always know what she is up to and for the first time I won't. From 8:15am-2:50pm she will be living a life separate from mine. Weird. Will she have enough energy, will she get upset she can't go home, will she wander, will she do good at lunch and recess with all of those kids? I KNOW it will be ok, I KNOW she'll do great, I KNOW she'll have the best year yet but still I'm her mommy!
     OK, enough pity party. Let's focus on what fun I can have with this. First, I can enjoy the house staying clean for a good portion of the day. I can take a shower with NO interruptions. I can watch any show I want. I can go to the bathroom in peace. I can take a nap if I am tired. And then to make my husband happy I'll search for a part time job ;)
     Now, something good I'd like to share. The other day I said to my husband, "man my back HURTS". Shelby then said, "Go lay down on the couch, it'll stop". *insert jaw drop here* This may not seem like a big deal to parents of "typical" kids. But, this is the FIRST time I can ever recall Shelby hearing something and giving such an appropriate, empathetic response! This was awesome! HUGE! So proud!

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