Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I want to feel like a grown up!

Now, I'm...dah dah dah dah, 28, yep, 29 by the end of this month. I should definitely have my feet solidly on grow up ground. Well when you spend your days surrounded by kids you can loose that grown up feeling. Somewhere between NickJr and Teen Disney it all just gets lost. Some days I'm lucky if I've got a bra on by noon. Imagine my panic if someone comes knocking before then. No, solicitor, I'm not that p.o.'d I just have my arms crossed to keep my knockers from smacking you in the eye. I'm doing you a favor, for realz.

Where was I?

Oh yeah, lost grownupiness. So tonight after a particularly stressful bedtime I'm thinkin' what can I do to make myself feel better, feel adult like? Well, I could drink like a fish, there is that half bottle of tequila that has been collecting dust since my anniversary or there is that Miller Lite that has been in there for months as well. Hmmmm ok, I talk about drinking quite a bit, wishful thinking? lol I don't like alcohol much. I envy the moms that can talk about wine like they've grown up around vineyards. I can't do that, I think most wine tastes like vomit, YES I went there. I can just envision the wino's shaking their glasses at me. Sue me. lol Don't really though cause I'm broke, can't get milk out of a rock folks.

And again I was where?

Oh yeah, so here is a trick I've discovered. I can put ANYTHING in a wine glass and feel more sophisticated, more adult, less mommy, more me. It's silly I know really I'm just tricking my brain but you know what? It works! Try it! Right now I've got a strawberry kiwi drink in mine but you can try milk, juice, tea, pudding(yes pudding), water, whatever floats your boat. And if you really want to have fun put something that looks like booze in your wine glass and start throwing 'em back. Pretty soon your significant other will get all wide eyed and wonder what has got into you and will they be able to take advantage of "drunk mom". It's hilarious when they can't figure out why you're not smashed. This will work better if you have an empty booze bottle to pour it from. OH want to have even MORE fun? Do this around friends, family, or the in-laws! Bottoms up!

You're welcome! lol

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  1. It's true !! I'm not a big wine drinker, either, but I will break out the wine glass and fill it with my apple tea or a homemade coffee drink. It may not have alcohol in it, but somehow it still helps mellow me out :D