Friday, October 14, 2011

The R-Word

"Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, 
it will forever live its whole live believing that it is stupid."

~Albert Einstein~

     Would you EVER call that beautiful little girl above a retard? 

      That would be mean wouldn't it? I hope your answers were no and yes. However, I'm sure that you've heard someone say "you're retarded, she's retarded, that's retarded" and you didn't even blink. Heck, you yourself may have said it at one point or another. Or in reaction to something, have said or heard said, "RETARD!". These may just seem like words in everyday speech, another way to say "stupid". Well it isn't JUST a word. It's a hurtful, hateful, derogatory word. Special needs kids have to struggle every day to do the things "typical" people do with ease. Often times they do it with the biggest brightest smile on their faces. They have a way of restoring your faith in humanity, a way of showing you that life is what you make it, and they choose to make it GREAT! 
     Yes, the word retarded is still used, even in the medical community, however even that is being phased out. And let's be real. When someone uses the word retarded in their speech 99.99999% of the time they are NOT using it to describe someone's medical diagnosis. They are using it to degrade some one, some thing. They are using it to describe someone as the dumbest of dumb. They aren't being nice. Period. Just like the N-word, just like every other derogatory term used to describe a group of people based on color, religion, or heritage, the R-word should be phased out of our vocabulary and our children should be raised better. If you think the word is ok, then I challenge you to look at the picture above and call her a retard. Tell that innocent little girl, that does nothing but love people, she's retarded. Look at a picture of someone with Downs Syndrome and call them that ugly word, look at your neighbor down the street, still feel good about using it? I hope not. If you want to be a part of the change then make a pledge, right now, to erase that word from your vocabulary and to not tolerate it from others. Speak up, on person CAN make a difference! If you find the need, print my daughter's picture and next time someone challenges you about it, or says the word, show them Shelby and tell them to call her that to her face, with her mama around. Commit to being the change we need in this world. I will now post a popular PSA video and the link where you can join others in Spreading the Word to End the Word! 

From my family and from Shelby, we thank you!

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And THIS is where you take the pledge! Do it for Shelby! Click the image below to pledge! 

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  1. I pledged. So did Grace, Lexi & Angie. We love our exceptionally awesome family & friends. :-)